Biker bar! Mountain bikes that is! You can even brink your bike into the bar and hang it on the wall! LOL!

Insane choice of micro brews! The food is reallly good. I had a bratworst loaded and this hot sauce was burning my mouth for an hour! AMAZING! They have a ton of different hot sauces to try! Love it!
Frank N.
Our little town bar Gestalt house is the best place in Marin. They have THE MOST amazing selection of beers. I think they have 40! I recommend the Green Flash. We always bring friends here. It's a great place to stop after riding whether we road or mtn bike there. Best of all is the service. Vice is runs the place. He's hilarious. It's always a treat when he's in the house. Mary will always remember your drink and name. She is the warmest and most friendly person in town. Lucky to have her at Gestalt. Nathan is the best! He has an incredible knowledge of all things print and he owns a super cook bike. Austin is perfect! Remembers you, your beer and what you've been up too. Great place! Be sure to stop by with friends, your family or your kids. You'll Love it.
Trig V.
Inexpensive beers and ciders, easy going menu of sausage, sandwiches and sides... What's not to love? Vegan and gluten-phobe friendly too!

Some nights the bikers in spandex are real! But if you don't mind sharing the bar with the bicyclists you'll have a great time!
Elena R.
My brother and I rode over here after the Appetite Seminar before Thanksgiving for one quick beer...several beers later and a few sausages we had to get going but I plan on going back for sure! BEST beer selection and really caters to cyclists which is totally rad. Thanks guys!
Paul P.
Operating a bus is as much about stopping as it is moving forward. Acceleration is easy, the damn thing almost seems to move by itself. Braking is endlessly complex, and takes subtlety and skill, determination and luck...unless you hit something. The superintendent will see you now, and you'd better hope you have a good union rep.

So too with life. It endlessly moves forward, accelerating smoothly, effortlessly. Stopping though, is a doozy, for lives, like busses tend to carry fatal entropy. Once we get carried away, it takes effort, care, concern, or collision...and then you meet the superintendent, an unforgiving Bastard whose name starts with a D.

The problem is, it's hard to convince yourself to stop, to take time off. To convince yourself that you have time. That you'll make the schedule. You have to, do you want to crash? So you stop, and you're in Fairfax, and it's a hot day, you're hungry, and boy, wouldn't a beer be nice?

Why not Gestalt House? The tap list is long, and the beer is cold and the post industrial interior brings in white hot light but not heat. Bicycles on the walls, and bike gears in the bathroom, and long tables and wood and iron. The bartenders like their jobs, you can tell, and on a thirsty Thursday, when four dollar beer flows and a raucous roar pools beneath low ceilings, you can understand why.

Personally, I like to sit with my beer and read, a sausage to soak up the booze as I taste a hit of eternity from my glass. How do they do it, such a perfectly cooked sausage, skin blistered from the grill, juicy interior packed with flavour? The brand they're using (evergood) aren't extraordinary, but with side sauerkraut and a liberal dose of homemade Cajun mustard, a dollop of hot sauce, age perhaps a hit of curry ketchup,  perception bends, and warps, a simple gastronomic equation taking on non-Euclidean form.

So why not sit a sleek spell of moments and slow this massive object down somewhere you enjoy.  Hit the breaks and eat a sausage and drink your beer and laugh in good camaraderie. After all, the superintendent is waiting, but your run is long, and you have a good, fast coach, and there are hours before the bus is due at the barn. Let him wait a while longer.
Casey U.
Grub is great, but what keeps me coming back is the Fairfax vibe. This is just a good place to hang, meet friendly people, and enjoy being out and about. There's lots on the menu if "wursts" are not your thing.
Bray K.D.
After a long strenuous hike to Alamere Falls, we hit this place up for a bite and a nice cold beer. Everything was absolutely delicious!! Polish dog was mouth watering good and the beers were perfectly crisp!!
This place rocks. After any ride in the area this is a Must stop. Beer, brats. Pretty simple and good. Indoor bicycle storage. Usually full at lunch on weekends
Wayne R.
Fun place to hang out on a weekend afternoon. Friendly service. Had the smoked brat, and wanted to try the chili dog but too full! Good beer selection and every kind of Kettle chip imaginable (Moscow Mule chips anyone?!)
Ted M.
So awesome! The atmosphere is great! The food is great! The people are ALSO great!

If I were to critique... I'd ask for more types of hot dog buns.... but that's a pretty silly request so I'll keep my review 5 stars! I always love coming here they have the best atmosphere, beer, and food you could ask for after a long hike or bike ride! :)
Desiree V.
Lots of excellent biers on tap. Great wursts for very inexpensive prices. All the trimmings. Self help needed. Communal tables, tight Marin biker attire is highly recommended but not mandatory.

Perfectly tasty German potato salad. Really amazing slaw.

Good place to catch a game but it does get super loud.

I imagine running for a few hours. Stop by and get a good wurst with all the trimmings, and drink a pint of bier. Alas, I only hiked for two hours and that's not enough of a justification for a full sausage. Thankfully it's perfect to share one with your partner in crime, and then go for the sneaky maneuverer of inhaling all the slaws when he's distracted by the game on TV. Because it's really that good.
Victoria E.
I spend quite a bit of time at the G-Haus.   I use it as an incentive for a destination after a long mountain bike ride in Fairfax area.   The staff is very friendly. The prices are reasonable. end of food good.   The only downside of the Gestalt Haus is its success is making It's a tight squeeze to get a seat.   Beer choice is excellent.  Occasionally I have noticed that some beers are not as cold as I prefer a beer to be.  Overall, it is my go to spot.
Derald C.
i am a semi regular at Gestalt Haus...The review is for the basic time I come in...weekdays until about 5.  I might get a sausage,and most certainly a beer or two and I always hit up the juke box.
I am a very distinctive man who loves the unique.  Gestalt is not a "pretty" or high class place,and it certainly doesn't pretend to be.  The owner,Vise, is a one in a million...sometimes crazy sarcastic to the regulars,but basically a guy with a heart of gold.  The afternoon staff consists of good bartenders,chatty hardworking salt of the earth types.
Sometimes the biker crowd takes over the place,and unfortunately some of them bring a sense of entitlement to a very blue collar place.  This is fine.  Everyone is entitled the ambience and community of such a place.

great place!!!!!