Gestalt Haus Menu

Beverages on Tap

A wide variety of West Coast craft beers and several German include an authentic German Doppelbock.  We also carry several gluten-free options.  
Ballast point20170717 23017 9j8jpy 300x
Ballast Point "Sculpin" IPA
Seismic mozacca20170804 16380 1kw2tln 300x
Seismic Mozacca
Deschutes20170717 22892 jpoe13 300x
Deschutes Brewery "Fresh Squeezed" IPA
Drakesdenogginizer20170823 8702 18mvgc3 300x
Drake's "Denogginizer" Double IPA/Imperial IPA
Bear republic ipa20170717 22892 13whu5g 300x
Bear Republic "Racer 5" IPA
Drakesipa20170717 23017 1xb6j3t 300x
Drakes IPA
Bearrep pace car racer20171114 2942 4dmzng 300x
Bear Republic "Pace Car" IPA
Fortpoint20170717 22547 12mufz6 300x
Fort Point Kolsch
Reissdorf kolsch20170717 22892 1ru6xux 300x
Reissdorf Kölsch
Weihensephaner20170717 22892 cx073t 300x
Weihenstephaner Wheat Beer
Hofbrau original20170717 23017 1a4qpy5 300x
HofBrau Original Lager
Trumer pils20170717 22892 1ncxs81 300x
Trumer Pils
Scrimshaw20170717 22547 qp2bny 300x
North Coast Brewing Co. "Scrimshaw" Pilsner
Citra pale ale20170717 22892 1i07nzm 300x
Knee Deep Citra
Le merle saison20170717 22547 16t0qk7 300x
North Coast Brewing Co.  "Le Merle - Saison" Belgian Style Ale
Saint archer ipa20171114 2942 r5gqxh 300x
St. Archer IPA
Oatmeal stout20170717 22892 1dssd6y 300x
Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout
Oaktown brown20170717 23017 42712q 300x
Cali Craft "Oak Town" Brown Ale
Boont amber ale20170717 23017 12lq4tm 300x
Anderson Valley "Boont" Amber Ale
Brother david's triple20170717 23017 ia6tb8 300x
Anderson Valley "Brother David's Tripple" Abbey-Style Ale
Aventinus20170717 22547 hzqa9d 300x
Aventinus Wheat Doppelbock
Fieldwork20170717 22547 bw600b 300x
Fieldwork Rotating Tap
Marin kombucha20180214 12090 zoyf99 300x
Marin Kombucha
Two rivers apple cider20170717 22892 1svwqa5 300x
Two Rivers Apple Cider
Two rivers pommegran20170717 22892 1wi90xu 300x
Two Rivers Pomegranate Cider
Two rivers cider pom20170717 22547 1l7ulik 300x
Two Rivers Blackberry Cider
Omission20170718 27504 l02d62 300x
Omission - Gluten free
Lemonade20170718 29951 jw2w1z 300x

Our Sausage Choices $6 Includes Sauerkraut
Add $1 for a Pretzel Bun or French Roll

Bavarian Bratwurst
Pineapple Sausage
1/4lb All Beef Hot Dog
Beer Bratwurst
Bourbon Bacon
Smoked Bratwurst
Organic Italian Chicken
Smoked Italian
Chicken-Spinach Asiago
Swiss Bockwurst
Chicken Apple
Classic Polish
Half-Pound Polish


Apple Sage
Vegan Italian


Chicken Chorizo
Louisiana Hot Link
Green Chili Chipotle
Andouille Cajun
Jalapeno Pepper Jack

Extra Toppings - $1.00

Bacon, Grilled Onions, Cheese


The Reuben
Swiss Cheese Sauerkraut, Portion of Slaw, Pickle 1/4
Hot Pastrami
Swiss Cheese Sauerkraut, Portion of Slaw Pickle 1/4
Tuna Melt
Cheese, Chips, Pickle slice
Grilled Cheese
with Pickle slice, chips 
Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Tangy Atoli Sauce, Slaw, pickle 1/4, Seeded Bun
Pulled Pork Sandwich
Topped with Slaw Pickle Slice, Chips
Sloppy Joes
with Cole Slaw and Pickle


Bowl of Chili
Vegan Chili
Famed Chili Dog!
With Chips and Pickle Slice, Cheddar Cheese
Vegan Chili Dog


Quinoa Salad
German Potato Salad
Red Potato and Eggs
Hearts of Palm and Kale 

Extra Delectables

Kim Chi
Corn Bread
Famous Pot-free Brownies
Hot Soft Pretzels
Kettle Chips


Kids Hot Dog
Classic Chips, Pickle Slice and a Juice Box
Kids Grilled Cheese
Classic Chips, Pickle Slice and a Juice Box